What is netZero Village?

We are a ground-breaking apartment community using state-of-the art, eco-friendly renewable and energy-efficient technologies.

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Watch Our Community Grow

See the latest photos and videos as our community undergoes phase 1 of construction. We’re excited to show why netZero living is the future!

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Learn About netZero Living

A netZero community is a development that, on an annual basis, produces as much energy as it consumes from renewable sources.

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netZero Village is a community that produces as much or more energy than it consumes from renewable and sustainable sources. Our community is designed to essentially eliminate the carbon footprint of our residents by using the latest in eco-friendly technologies. Our goal is to provide affordable, sustainable, luxury apartment living.


Nature gives us everything we need for sustainable, clean-energy. netZero Village harvests that free energy for your benefit and the benefit of the planet. Our residents will have only one monthly, “all-inclusive” rent payment. Our residents will never have to worry about increasing energy costs and can count on the same rental payment which will include all utilities, Internet, and TV.


Living in a netZero community does not mean our residents go without luxury comforts. Our apartments will feature all of the standard luxury amenities as other apartment complexes, but with minimal impact on the environment. In addition, our apartments feature superior, draft-free construction and unmatched indoor air quality.


Through cutting-edge technologies and innovative design, netZero Village is the future of housing, today. Come be a part of an exciting movement in sustainable apartment living and make netZero Village your home!